The Americans…
Lead the way

Then, Now and Always.

The Americans – Are a United people who challenge each other to be better. When they see a problem they work together to create a solution that works for everyone. When they see someone in need, they help.

In the spirit of the Scouting movement, The Americans are driven to better themselves, their families, and their communities. They constantly strive to conquer and improve their Mind, Body and Spirit. Only then are they able to effectively go out into their community and Pay It Forward. provides a place for people who understand the value of being confident and self sufficient. They understand the need to be physically, Mentally and Spiritually healthy. Only then, can they help create the healthy communities that keeps America strong and leading the way.


Be Mentally Healthy!

You should always be learning. The search for knowledge is a never ending journey. Confidence comes from Knowledge and Practice. In order to be self-sufficient you must get your mind right. Every day is another chance to improve yourself, expand your mind and build your confidence. Everyone has doubts, conquering your mind will alleviate your self doubt.


Be Physically Healthy!

As you build your confidence and knowledge, you will also be challenged to improve yourself physically. There is a National crisis in America, and it is everyones duty to combat it. Lack of physical exercise, poor diet and a general unhealthy lifestyles are plaguing our families and communities. The solution starts with you. 


Be Spiritually Healthy!

Develop Intrinsic Values…

Positive interactions

People, Actions, Environment

Feeding the spirit healthy 

Pay It Forward!

Find Someone To Help!

E Pluribus Unum describes an action: Many uniting into one. An accurate translation of the motto is “From Many, One” 

For the United States of America, this original motto provides the key to why America and the several states that were united in a common goal of, Liberty and Justice for All. It is a reminder that we the people of the United States, where ever we come from, have an obligation to be the best Americans we can, enabled by what has been built by those who came before us, to ensure that this effort based on Freedom and Justice remains strong and a foundation for those who will come after us. 

Those who truly believe in this understand that the American Dream is not something that comes and goes. It lives in all Americans. And as long as we all do our part to Pay it Forward, it will endure. 

How to get involved.

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Pay It Forward

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A place where people who appreciate what we have here in America, and have a positive influence on their network.

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