August 9, 2018

Pay it Forward

What starts here, changes the world!

  • Everyone knows the concept.
  • Everyone loves the stories.
  • Everyone feels good when they see it.

Who makes a concerted effort to Pay it Forward, Everyday, in a meaningful way?

This is your chance.

We need to meet in the middle, and remember that we are all in this together.

The Americans logo is the compass, we lead the way, doing the right thing by putting aside our differences to fix the very things others complain about.

As a member of The Americans, you will team up with others, who agree that we can all effect positive change and make a difference.

You will help your team earn points, demonstrate the power of community and make a difference in someones life.

Be a part of the movement. Imagine if every team served for 1 hour each weekend. 5 to 20 people working on a service project to improve their community, instead of complaining about it.

We will work together to improve each community, and when we are done, we will have changed the world, even if it was for one person.