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Positive Environment

TheAmericans provides a positive environment where members are committed to our Community Standards; the golden Rule, protecting our character, self-improvement and paying it forward.

Members of TheAmericans do not tolerate negative or divisive words or actions. There are no politics here, members are working on building good habits that will allow us to build positive relationships with real people.

We are committed to the three tenets of improving our Mind, Body and Spirit, and support each other in these efforts.

We protect our communities and are always there for each other. We are a family, and while families argue and sometimes fight, in the end, we will always have each other's backs. 

TheAmericans might not be for everyone. Some people are just too angry, self-centered, and committed to a belief system that is incompatible. However, maybe those are the people who need this the most. 

Member Network

"It's about the Network". You will hear that a lot here at TheAmericans.

It's about surrounding yourself with people that understand no one is perfect, everyone has potential and that we all can make a positive impact on ourselves, our family, our friends, and our community. Above all, no matter what challenges lay ahead, someone has your back.

As individuals we are vulnerable, but together we are unstoppable. When you see someone wearing TheAmericans Compass logo, you know that they are there for you. When you display it yourself, you are advertising to everyone, not just members, that you are willing to pay it forward.

Here at TheAmericans, there are no politics, we won't tolerate divisive rhetoric, we stand shoulder to shoulder to help each other, and we make sure no one is left to fend for themselves. We understand that everyone has a bad day, and everyone makes mistakes. 

TheAmericans do not take their membership lightly, they understand the strength of the network relies on their commitment to support it.

As a member of the network, you always have someone to call for help, provide support and encouragement to motivate you to your full potential.

Mentorship Program

TheAmericans Mentor/Protégé program is an expectation of membership. This is where the rubber meets the road. If we are to create a network of healthy and self-reliant members, we must engage with each other to identify problems and design unique solutions.

Members create meaningful relationships their protégé that focuses on making a positive impact on their life. Without the filters of technology, people will begin to understand the value and importance of human-to-human interaction and the energy that it generates.

Business Network

Members understand that the engine of the American economy is our small businesses and entrepreneurs. Ninety-nine percent of businesses in the United States are classified as small business. That is 32 million companies and sole proprietorships. Business members of TheAmericans offer those in the network discounted products and services when feasible.

When available, Members will look to TheAmericans Market first to find business members and sponsors when they need goods and services to support the network.


As support for TheAmericans grows, it's important to understand the overall purpose of this effort is to bring people together in the physical world to interact, engage, and communicate. This is crucial to building the trust of the network. Every member must understand the strengths and weaknesses of their own personal network, to build strong communities.

That said, TheAmericans Events hosted by your chapters Ambassador are meant to be fun, family events that bring back the time when everyone lived their life and enjoyed spending time with other but were aware when someone was in distress and needed support.